FLAB 2017

About Brasília

From an original dream, enchanted view of Don Bosco, an Italian saint named John, was born Brasilia. Destination erected in the heart of the country, cut in steel, glass, marble, concrete. Splendid faith fruit, belief and determination of a single man. Jucelino Kubtschek, president of Brazil, who transformed the premonition in testimony and monument to the dawn of a different, and better, humanity.

Due to its unique urban characteristics, Brasilia allows travelers to know it with ease. In the main avenue, the Monumental Axis, are jammed some of the most beautiful pieces of architecture that overthrew concepts. The set located at the head of two wide lanes that frame a garden, green carpet, is formed by the buildings of the National Congress, with its inverted domes, the Presidential Palace and the Supreme Court, with its intriguing geometry columns, protruding harmony and the delicate touches.

World Heritage Site by UNESCO tumbled, gestated and given birth to its political heart and the administrative meeting of Brazil, Brasilia is a living, breathing city, continuously expanding. After 43 years, the youngest capital of the world becomes Natural Destination Event Tourism, with its Convention Center which is being expanded, and the Expocenter, fairs and events pavilion with 58 thousand square meters, located in the City Park. Not to mention dozens of auditoriums and conference rooms of their big hotels. Impeccable structure, able to accommodate conferences and meetings of any kind and at any time of year.

Garnished with high quality tourist facilities, Brasilia became matter of greed of Major international hotel chains, in the Central Plateau dug their flags. Multiplied hotels from many different patterns in the central area of the city .; Complex offering a total of 27,000 beds, allowing for complex agenda mobility than traditional capitals of the world long lost.

Strategically located near the city, Brasília International Airport is the third largest in the country. Awarded ISO 9001 certificate, receive, every day, 162 flights originating in all Brazilian capitals, which turned the city into nerve center travel distribution throughout Brazil, providing scheduled air movement over short distances.

The rapid process of social formation of Brasilia, based on the meeting of Brazilians from all sides, and the immediate proximity to the uses and customs, culture embracing the capital, made the city a rich, multifaceted mosaic to pour in culinary demonstrations in various matrices, which gained more intense colors when caldearem with international wholes. Cosmopolitan in Brasilia are installed 90 embassies and diplomatic representations.

There are flavors for every palate, in a range of restaurants offering traditional cuisine from the Northeast to dishes that recreate the jungle flavors, where are shed, soft, the exotic native spices perfumes. Not to mention the traditional houses, the table set, serve delicacies of French origin, Syria, German, Egyptian, Italian, Chinese, English, Japanese and Portuguese. An invitation to the pleasure of living in peace, tranquility.

Brazil synthesis on the shores of Lake Paranoá, one of the largest artificial lakes of the world balneáveis waters, which delivers the pleasure of living the intense and typical Brazilian warmth.

Charismatic, Brasilia was born under a particular sign. The host. Of convergence. Women and men of various confessions of faith that moved - north and south, northeast and southeast - in the 50s of the twentieth century, to give life to a transcendental work. Meeting that gave birth to a harmonious society, contemporary and at the same time, religious.

People who welcome the newcomers to getting them not only in the privacy of their homes. But also in the hallowed spaces where God and themselves, indulge.

Offers the city, to whom it brings an intense religious plurality. Are churches, shrines, mosques, slots devoted to African myths, oriental temples, houses of worship based on various spiritual revelations, consecration of an unimaginable syncretism.

Diversity provides that in Brasilia to land an unprecedented, stunning mystical experience.

Promised land of divination of Don Bosco, great flower of an ecosystem located between altitudes ranging between 1,070 and 1,200 meters, the capital of Brazil is planted in full, intriguing, cerrado. Wealth of waters run deep in sheets, feeding the existence of ancient trees: the rosewood of the woods, the wood-pigeon, ipe-yellow, pequizeiro, copaiba and mahogany. And, also, exotic fruit, as the Buriti and guariroba.

In addition to its own charms, Brasilia is lavish, for providing the traveler, in its surroundings, a fund plunge into a time gone. Near the capital, historical, colonial cities, as Pirinopolis, Artistic and Historical Heritage of Humanity, and Goiás Velho, witness the Brazilian baroque. In them is preserved the memory of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, when, in their streams, rivers, then the adventurers gave themselves up to the mining of gold and diamond.

Epicenter of the Brazilianness, is in Brasilia natural gateway to the exuberance of the Pantanal, with its 230 square kilometers. Enchanted world, paradise of flowers, birds and animals, which is reached both by air and by land, the BR-060 highway, which in the state of Mato Grosso becomes BR-364. With its 1133 km paved, the trip allows travelers to cross, even in the state of Goiás, the Araguaia river, where they multiply golden, jaú catfish and painted. Natural destination of people around the planet, traveling in search of emotions of abundant fishing, fighting large fish. And extremely tasty.

The universe of the most precious biological reserve in the world, the Brazilian Amazon, also has easy access to tourist from Brasilia. Largest rain forest in the world, the region crossed by the largest river in the world's water volume, the Amazon, primitive guard, people ancestral forest, as Yanomami and the Kayapó, and biological reserves of rich fauna, of which the biggest attractions are dolphins, monkeys, alligators and jaguars.

Disconcerting reality. Lavish future vision. Brasilia goes beyond the classical limits of a town. Close the firmament, the capital of the third millennium is a symphony. Comprising winds, wrapped in blue, washed by the matrices a blazing sun, jealous of his magic, creator of an elusive dark, pink, solferino, magenta and silver. And where the moon when it is full, when it is heaven, is not only omnipotent. It is, as the land and water bathing, great. And as generous soul of the Brazilian people.